Local East point is 15 Virgo 23 conjunct natal Saturn at 14 Virgo Sun-Moon midpoint is 22 Aries 19 conjunct Descendant 7th house cusp. Venus-Jupiter midpoint is 21 Aries 15 also conjunct the Descendant. Juno-Ascendant midpoint is 8 Libra 55 conjunct Mars. Vesta-Saturn midpoint is 9 Cancer 43 conjunct the Sun.

Vesta-Uranus midpoint is 5 Gemini 13 conjunct Venus. Jupiter-Chiron midpoint is 27 Capricorn conjunct IC home focus. Saturn-East point midpoint is 7 Libra 34 conjunct Mars. Uranus-Pluto midpoint is 26 Cancer 3 conjunct MC. Neptune-Eastpoint midpoint is conjunct Ascendant another Letter twelve emphasis. The asteroid California is 15 Libra 13 conjunct Neptune California has been my home since early November Fortuna is conjunct California.

Libitina is 21 Libra 59 conjunct the Ascendant, and Spartacus at 22 Libra 30 is also conjunct it. Washingtonia at 11 Aquarius 56 is conjunct my natal Part of Death at 12 Aquarius 27 I do not plan to live there! Nemesis at 19 Gemini 6 is conjunct Pasadena at 19 Gemini 24 I also do not plan to live in that city! Shakespeare at 4 Gemini 32 and Apollo at 4 Gemini 35 are also conjunct Venus. I never had an active interest in reading Shakespeare but somehow the Universe is connecting me with him.

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The best I can say is that I enjoyed Kenneth Branaughs Hamlet] NOTE: Any aspect of importance must be within a strict one-degree orb, especially if the angles are involved and the planets such as conjunctions. The Universe is potentially connecting you with the significance s of that asteroid. If, say, San Diego is conjunct your Moon, potentially that city can be a natural or karmic home for you. Ive lived here since late Caligiuri Calingasta Calinger Caliumi Callahan Calpurnia. Spock 13 Aquarius 31 Mr. Deforest Deluise Deniselivon Dr. Edmondson Slipher V.

Slipher and E. Victor L. Husband o Mikeanderson Michael P. Anderson o Davidbrown David M. Clark o Ilanramon see below o Williemccool William C. Spock Mr. Tompkins Mr.

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Tompkins, hero of science books by George Gamow. Russia and the former Soviet Union Asia Many of these names were given by Soviet astronomers between and Russia and the former Soviet Union Europe Many of these names were given by Soviet astronomers between and See aspects of in need of or contributing to Healing. Use also: Asclepius and Askalaphus.

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Conditions on whatever occurs in aspect. ASTRAEA: Blocked closure; staying to the end the sometimes bitter end; believing that it ain't over 'til it's overeven if it already is; an inability to read beginnings and endings or to let go of things, people or events; the witnessing of events.

BACCHUS: Excess; addiction; attempts to manage feelings, people and situations through substitution or avoidance; contact with orchards, pine and fir trees, vineyards; intoxication. Note that Chiron has been classified a comet, not an asteroid. DAEDALUS: Architecture; design; cleverness; the artful dodger; escape of consequences that then fall on others; jealousy; instances of feeling like an honored slave; creative; affinity with metals. It will be used for food and programming, as well as possible travel. Litchfield argued that it would help students plan the rest of their semester better, and it would give students an opportunity to talk to their professor about their grades before grades were entered.

Litchfield said he would be speak-. There was also discussion of future legislation that would possibly expel senators. UCOSA senators get four unexcused absences before legisla-. If that legislation is passed, they are no longer a senator. In previous semesters, new senators were sworn in, but now that senators are voted in, it is unknown if there will be another voting session. UCOSA meets at 4 p. Tuesday, October 8, Lessons in Leadership: From a. The series aims to hear from and connect with UCO and state leaders from a wide variety of realms in an effort to apply their lessons to their own lives.

Voter registration will be available during events, in select classrooms and by Broncho Lake. Bronchos are invited to register to vote, change their registration address, party affiliation or learn about absentee ballots. Leadership Central Networking Event: From p. The event is an attempt to help students learn presentation techniques for a professional or academic setting. Students can compete in a ping pong tournament or.

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  • This event is geared towards high school juniors and seniors, career tech, and community college students who have an interest in a degree and career in the field of criminal justice. National Coming Out Day From p. Ultimate Frisbee Club: Bronchos are invited to come play a game of ultimate and hang out from p. If weather becomes unfavorable, the event will be canceled.

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    Kelly Ave. The deadline is midnight for enrollment in online classes. But I feel like the thing that gets me kind of iffy is the fact that there was already the Mueller report, which I feel like could really hinder the societal view of the impeachment process. I think the democrats should have started this a long time ago. Whenever it was President Obama, a lot of conservatives hated him and wanted him impeached. If enough people actually want Trump impeached, they should just not vote for him in the next election.

    Walter was confronted at her office on campus by the UCO detective who asked if she knew who the Facebook account belonged to. Walter said it was her account, but she had not been active on it for more than a month. Walter also said she did not respond to the message the dispatcher sent. She said she was given permission by some College of Business employees to sell some items, but later retracted that statement.

    Walter confirmed to police she took photos of the items on her phone and then uploaded them to Facebook Marketplace. She also said. On Oct. The email said the email usernames belonging to the account. An Edmond native and UCO alumna, Pittman said that through the creation of the exhibit, she learned many things about her hometown. Pittman worked alongside Amy Stephens, the museum director; Derek Lee, the curator of collections; and designer Jay Tracy.

    According to Lee, there are various artifacts on display that once belonged to historic buildings around. Most of his architecture is midcentury in style. Visitors of the exhibit can learn about the historic Clegern House. Built in by Max Thomas, the 4,square-foot home was designed to have a unique aesthetic from the klinker brick to the cypress fireplace mantle.

    The creation of the home was inspired by Harry W. Pittman said she hopes visitors of the exhibit leave with a better understanding of the progression of Edmond and the story of the city in general. The check was presented during the Cheer and Dance competition on Oct.

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    Google is rolling out new features for YouTube, Google Maps and Google Assistant in an attempt to make users feel more secure and in control of their privacy settings. Incognito mode, a setting that is supposed to stop your browser from recording pages you visit in its history, has been added to Google Maps. In May, it was announced that users could automatically clear their location history and web activity. Now, Google has implemented this setting for YouTube.

    New settings were also released for Google Assistant last week. According to a blog post by the company,.


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    In this file photo dated Thursday, Jan. The update comes after a lawsuit was filed against the company claiming they violated consumer protection laws. Privacy is important even when you have nothing to hide.