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The Taurean will be attracted to the Leo for his independent and enthusiastic nature. The Leo will love the patient and reliable nature of the Taurus. Both will usually be looking for a long-lasting romantic relationship. A common trait that attracts Leo and Taurus to each other is their love for finer and luxurious things in life. They will usually have excellent tastes, and will be connoisseurs of good food, dressing, etc.

They will love to shower each other with expensive and classy gifts.

Leo man Taurus woman

The Taurean is usually more traditional among the two, and will want to have the classic courtship. The Leo is more than pleased to provide the same. Both these individuals will look for constant words and gestures of love and affection from their partner. More often than not, people belonging to these signs, when in love, are loyal and possessive lovers.

A common trait between these individuals, that can lead to a rift, is their stubborn nature. As they are fixed signs, they often have a firm stand on various issues and seldom welcome change. There are times when they utterly refuse of understand each other's point of view, and are reluctant to compromise. But, in most of the cases, it is the peace-loving Taurus that will give way to the Leo to avoid conflict. As both these individuals are dominating, there are chances of power clashes arising in this relationship. The Leo is more dominating and bossy among the two.

This can lead to some fierce conflicts and arguments between the two. The Leo is outgoing, pompous and social.

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On the contrary, the Taurean is much reserved, and usually prefers the solitude of his cozy home. Also, the Taurean may be luxurious, but, he is never perceived as extravagant. Some understanding and compromise on these parts can prevent most of the problems between this couple. Although they may fight a lot, what keeps them together, is their ability to make up.

Taurus Woman Leo Man Compatibility – A Smoldering Smoky Mess

Once they have decided that the relationship is to stay forever, nothing or no one can make them change their thoughts. Therefore, despite having several ups and downs, this relationship is usually there to last long. Leo Woman Taurus Man.

Leo Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

This relationship may require a lot of compromise. The slow and stubborn nature of the Taurus male may annoy the Leo woman. Whereas, her dictating nature does not go down well with the Taurean male. They both need to understand and accept each other's different natures. The Taurus man should let his Leo partner have her way sometimes. She, in turn, should learn to deal with her man with lot of patience.

Leo Man Taurus Woman. The Leo man should remember to keep his dominating nature in check. Beneath his bossy nature, this woman will find a warmhearted and loving partner in her Leo man who will never hesitate to shower her with gifts, love and affection. We can conclude that a lot of understanding is required for this relationship to last long.

However, their immense compatibility in the areas of love, passion and romance, if lasted long, can make this a long-lived relationship! Share This. Leo and Gemini Compatibility. Aries Man and Leo Woman. Ruled by Venus, Taureans love to surround themselves with all things beautiful.

Those born under this sign are surrounded by the warm and rich Venusian energy and love. No wonder the bulls are romantics to the core. Born between July 23 and August 22 is the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo. The King of the Zodiac is a Masculine, fixed, positive and fire sign. Lions exude great charisma, sunny and shiny personality. These people have the innate ability to light up a place and be at the center of attention.

http://waahhh.com.my/demasiados-secretos-julia.php Their planetary ruler, the Sun is the giver of light and energy to our solar system. Sun influenced people are forthright, demanding and have the ability to transmit energy to others. Leo is the most stable among the fire signs and represents steady radiance of the Sun. If Aries is fire out of control, Leo is fire under control.

Taurus and Leo Table of Contents

This sign imbibes creativity and warmth. Any kind of pettiness displeases the Lion. Being a fixed sign like Taurus, Leo also have a firm grasp of who they are and what they want. Both resist any form of dominance and are stubborn. The King of the Zodiac naturally wants to lead and expects to be followed with due respect. Oh they do love to be admired and complimented, not only for their looks but also for what they do. Fact is, no matter what kind of stage the Lions are on, they are capable of owning it and naturally want to be adored.

Love is indispensable to the Lions, they can never be without it. When people born under this sign fall in love, they fall hook line and sinker.

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What happens when two romantic signs fall for each other? Will Taurus and Leo click or sink? Read on to find out more. Leos are serious when it comes to courting the object of their affection. He will impress her with lavish acts and even gifts of adoration. Taurus being an old fashioned romantic will surely be touched. There will be plenty of romantic dinner dates and spur of the moment weekend escapades just to win her heart.

A Lion in love is an extremely affectionate and loyal partner. He expects absolute loyalty and will not allow the slightest form of infidelity from her. She is not known to stray when in a commitment and expects the same from him. This sun sign is a hopeless romantic and believe in love at first sight and will not waste time to enter into a commitment. If all works out fine, marriage between these two is even possible. Leo woman will not escape the quiet charm of romantic Taurus. He will be smitten with this beautiful and radiant personality.

Being a fire sign, this lady wants to be swept away with love, adoration and desire, while he will stop at nothing to win his object of affection.

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