But your humanism, as you mention, is kind of the most genius thing about you. You realize our place in the universe and how small it is. So many people get freaked out thinking about this idea and turn their fear inward, making their perspective even more myopic. But Aquarians keep flipping the mirror to the world and consider how their actions affect others. Genius, even.

We need more of you these days. Being a fixed sign, it is totally possible for you to have lasting, monogamish relationships. That is, if you want them. Because like your fixed sign siblings—Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio— you can be pretty stubborn, if necessary, and you will stay with someone if you have committed to the cause. What you really need is a partner who can survive the initial bit with you.

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In my experience, Aquarians can be non-committal at first and then very intense, so you need a person who shares your 'chill enough to handle this' approach. I still remember the first time I spent the night with my Aquarius love.

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But I just kind of shrugged the coldness off and the next day was met with the surprise of his warmth for years after. A Gemini, Pisces, or Sagittarius—all of these could be the right match for you. Whatever happens, please remember how awesome you are. On the one hand, I love it, because nothing feels more intimate and humanizing to me than to have another person single you out that way. I love earning trust and keeping it. On the other hand, sometimes I feel beat up at the end of the day. But do you have any advice for an intuitive Pisces who sometimes intuits a bit How do sensitive Pisces stay happy and centered?

When people encounter you, they may not see all your depth and past lives immediately, but they feel them.

And they want to add to that complicated river always running beneath you, beneath the surface of the everyday. One thing that may be difficult to get used to as a Pisces is the enormous rooms—many, many rooms in your psyche—left open and available for empathy. The rooms would not be there if you could not endure them.

Cancer, another very empathetic sign, also has a difficult time living with the possibility of such great empathy within them. In order to preserve and put it to best use, you must take care of yourself. Pisces are not often the sign to tell their needs to others, not fully anyway. There are many places to tend to your own needs and secrets not just bury them.


Anything expressive like painting, writing poetry, music, acting—these are things Pisces excel at and infuse with personal energy they often refrain from unleashing in their friendships and romances. Animals instinctively give back the energy they receive. And Pisces are definitely animal people, if you know what I mean. I think his works, interested in light and space, do to the exact opposite.

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They expand the self to the point of dissolving the self. And a final suggestion. Sleep with an aquamarine your birth stone placed under your pillow, and to the right and left of your bed, for 12 days. Any desert. Ideally, this would not be some ritual of you destroying or leaving behind this fear but giving it its own place to live, which is far from you. Dear Astro Poets, Hello from Texas. I appreciate your Scorpio insight. So I can be bold, come on strong at times and be a little dramatic.

I recently have started seeing a Pisces man with a Scorpio moon. So far we are comfortable around each other and the chemistry is fire. I like stimulation of any kind, mainly intellectual discourse or a night out. I like to go out to parties on most weekends and socialize.

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He, on the other hand, is shy and happiest it seems staying in and putting on Netflix. I want to make it work and appease both of our wants and needs but I think he may prefer someone more domesticated than I am. How can I make this work between us? Do you have any advice for me suggesting to my Pisces that I may need more outings and less down time without being too demanding and risk scaring him off?

Sincerely, A Curious Scorpio. Wow, a Scorpio and a Texan.

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We live for you. Thank you for this question, because it gives us an opportunity to discuss something key to understanding how love and the zodiac work together: moon signs. You guys are Pisces-Scorpio, which is an amazing match. I am relatively obsessed with all water signs Scorpio moon here , so I kind of am jealous that you are living in this watery reality. It makes sense that this connection is fire.

Pisces-Scorpio truly get each other, because you both see through the surface of life into the delicious subtext. It must be so much fun sharing that with someone and I am glad that as a Scorpio, you have found this Pisces match. But back to your moons. Standing a little over six feet tall, she had a voice that matched her stature — deep, sonorous and perfectly suited to Wagner and Strauss.

Not only an extraordinary voice but a mesmerizing stage presence; her ability to inhabit a role was compelling. Born in Augusta Georgia on 19 September to a musical and politically-active family, she showed a talent and passion for singing at an early age. Educated at Howard University, the Peabody Institute and the University of Michigan, she won the Munich International music competition in which launched her career in Europe.

She made her US debut fourteen years later. During the s she focussed more on crossover and popular music, acquiring a whole new audience. Norman was a passionate believer in civil rights and a powerful voice in the war on hunger, homelessness, youth development and arts and culture education. In the s she founded the Jessye Norman School for the Arts in Georgia, where, of course, her name will live on for generations to come.

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Talent, like love, is beyond the brief of the horoscope. We see the quality of the person and the tools with which he or she carves out a life. And both Libra and Cancer are given to music, the arts and creativity. She died on Monday, 30th September of septic shock and complications related to a spinal injury suffered in She died forty-eight hours after a new moon in Libra on her Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

We can only imagine the chorus of joy in heaven as she arrived. I think it looks rather nice. That new moon in Libra turned out to be of importance to another woman of colour, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. A tour which had gone a considerable way to balancing out the negative press they had received for a whole string of actions earlier in the year that were deemed hypocritical.

To stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in. There can be few people who cannot understand the distress very public criticism causes an individual. And, accountability should be sought. However, however. And there is much to be said for following the old royal protocol: keep on keeping on, smiling and waving.