Love, Light & Spirit

You demand your independence and hate to be tied down to anything that will limit it. However, you are often forced to adapt quickly to a variety of different circumstances that can pop up at random for you. Your notions are usually fresh and innovative, and usually can be applied in a way that would strongly benefit humanity. You are also able to view every aspect of a situation fairly.

Leo’s New Moon Is a Beacon of Self-Expression and Self-Love

Although, you are often impatient, get bored easily, and do not finish what you have started. Others find you amusing and unique, and you are usually very lucky. Whatever is a deviation from the norm will tend to draw you in, for you seek the exhilaration of trying something you have not experienced before. You are able to see the benefit in monitoring your temper and feelings. You will be able to put your necessities on the back burner to do what needs to be done for those loyal to you and this kind of service is happily done by you.

You can easily combine your idealistic views with realism in a fantastic way. Any dream you aspire to, you will put forth a great deal of effort to accomplish. You are able to get by on mere scraps when you feel it is needed to achieve your aim. Imaginative applied artistry is your specialty. This aspect implies that the native is protected spiritually by karma from a previous life where they had aided others.

Competing with others is enjoyable for you and you tend to win using your confidence and intuition. Your strong will has allowed you to learn self-discipline, creating a force that permits you to rise to truly powerful positions.

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Your physical health is amazing as you heal easily and have endless amounts of energy. However, it is important that you are able to keep active physically or this immense energy of yours will turn destructive.

How to Tell if a Leo is Over You

Every effort is made on your part to achieve success in an honourable fashion. You are likely to be a good leader and have a talent for administrating. Hard-working, courageous, and assertive, you gain the admiration of others and will champion for them if they are being unjustly treated.

Your powerful passions will either magnetically draw others to you or frighten them away. You have a great deal of charm and a way of attracting others to you almost without effort.

Uranus In Taurus Predictions

This influence you have over others can cause you to easily use manipulation tactics, even if these actions are often subconscious. This placement allows you to either change your beliefs into something more beneficial to you, or to aid other people in changing their beliefs. You are likely to be creative and strive to promote a beautiful, peaceful, and comfortable environment. Your perception and compassion for others causes you to reach out and help people in whatever way you can. Emotionally, you may express yourself by creating in some form, whether this be writing, dancing, art, or music.

You are drawn to theoretical concepts and new age topics, as well as subjects having to do with the spiritual realm.

Religious choirs tend to sooth you and inspire you and you try to help others to achieve the same experience. You possess a highly spiritual consciousness and should trust your gut instincts. People generally have faith in you to be a moral person and seek your counsel, as you are sympathetic and emotionally in tune.

You may have accurate premonitions or visions that aid you in realising your dreams. Look for the true meaning in all of your endeavours. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow?

The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Leos are typically regal, brave, loving, influential, giving, fun-loving, positive, motivated, faithful, and jovial learn about compatibility with Leo here. Unfortunately, they can also be egotistical, narrow-minded, controlling, sluggish, demanding, and unaccepting of others. They prefer being engaged in activities that allow them to use their excellent organisational skills, artistic innovation, and managerial abilities. If their significant other hurts them in a vulnerable state, they may suddenly shun the partner and behave in an ill fashion towards them.

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  • Leos are often found with all eyes on them. They enjoy sharing tales and add a bit of pizzazz to their show; having fun is important to them. Though they would prefer to be kind-hearted, if they feel it is necessary to be heavy-handed, they will do so without hesitating. Do not anger a Leo, as he will suddenly act as though he is the royal ruler of the land and you are his subject.

    They will need to show you their strength and bravado, but once the storm has passed, the lion will happily forget that there was ever an infraction. When Leos are in optimal condition, they are caring, fun-loving, positive, and bring great joy to others. They can be very giving, though financial resources may be difficult for them to hang on to without them realising where the money has gone to. Leos are usually healthy and can bounce back easily from physical setbacks.

    Be mindful towards fevers, as they can be prone to particularly high temperatures when sick. Usually optimistic, when sadness does hit them, it can hit hard. Luckily, they are quickly able to revert back to their cheerful selves. However, if they are suffering from a lost love, they can suffer deeply as heartbreak is the most difficult thing for a Leo to conquer.

    Heartbreak may lead to physical ailments of the heart. A Leo must have a high regard for the person they marry, as otherwise the relationship with falter rather quickly. What matters most is that Leos know they are valued. You are self-sufficient, opinionated, giving, eager, open-minded, positive, and enthused with an idealism that draws social contacts to you.

    You can be rather out-going, enjoying comradeship and traveling to distant lands inspires you. Independent and spontaneous with a child-like enthusiasm for adventure, you are always prepared to dive right in to something fun. Regardless of past trials and tribulations, you never stay down very long and will quickly move passed whatever challenges you face, keeping your optimistic attitude that everything will turn out alright.

    Leo Friendship Compatibility: Be Patient!

    Your attempts at trying to make others feel better often make them feel as though you have made light of their concerns or dismissed them altogether due to your extreme optimism. Your platonic relationships may be more important to you than your romantic ones; for you cannot be content in a relationship that does not incorporate a strong friendship.

    Your mate must be able to help you grow as a person and support your quest towards achieving your goals and desires. It is imperative that you are given a large amount of emotional space. Unfortunately, when you are afflicted you can be self-righteous, narrow-minded, bigoted, biased, self-important, and smug in addition to taking too many unnecessary risks. Your views are strongly held and you convey them with enthusiasm and flare. The things you believe in are important to your self-identity. You enjoy telling stories and communicate in a caring, engaging, charming, and capable manner; you are a great entertainer.

    Much of your showmanship is laced with dramaticism and you have signature flair when conveying your talents. You are decisive and artistically innovative; teaching may be an option for you. Confident in your cognitive abilities, others may find you arrogant at times. Try to be mindful of presenting yourself as more than you are, as well as being too fixed in your own exaggerated opinion of yourself; not every act of amusement needs to be praised.

    It would be best for you to try to be respected for your mental capabilities, rather than your purely entertaining, though perhaps shallow, endeavours. You would do well in politics, leading a team, public representative, or instructing others in some way. You are patiently loyal to those you love, giving and helpful whenever you are needed. You tend to express your affection through acts of kindness rather than through words or some sort of extravagant romantic gesture.

    There may be insecurity that you are unattractive or unlovable somehow. Your own doubt causes you to become fault-finding in your significant other and difficult to please. You expect your environment to be neat and organised. Developing a way to aid others can help you to counter your tendency to complain and criticise. Despite these tendencies, you are gentle, compassionate, and kind which allows you to do well in professions where you are caring for others. You hold a large amount of both mental and physical energy.

    The One Zodiac Sign You’re Likely To Fall For The Hardest, Based On Your Sign

    Always on the go, buzzing from one place to another, engaged in your many interests, sometimes you are involved in more than one activity at the same moment! With your lively mentality and curiosity, you require a large amount of stimulation to keep you from getting bored. You seek out new data and love to learn about anything you can get your hands on. It is also of great fun to you to engage yourself in challenging, competitive conversations with others where you can show off your wit and intelligence.